Handmade Minnesota Birdhouses

Stop into our Love From Minnesota store in Roseville to pick up your very own handmade Minnesota birdhousesbirdhouse. Ron Makela of Hutchinson, Minnesota brings his passion and talent into our store with fabulous birdhouses. In 2005, Ron retired after 40+ years as a commercial carpenter to his love of building with wood. Birding has always been his passion, so building birding products was a natural fit. He dedicated his senior years to manufacturing multiple wooden products: benches, stools, chairs, bird products, animal caskets, and lately, Finnish musical stringed instruments. Come check out Ron’s beautiful birdhouses at our Roseville location today!

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Summer in Minnesota

4th of July in Minnesota is a Holiday that is hard to beat! Subtract our “State Bird” (the mosquito) and it is literally perfect. Whether you were at the cabin, hanging by a lake, or lounging in a pool – Minnesota summers revolve around water. When the temperatures soar to 85+ degrees with ridiculous humidity, it’s hard to not flock to a water source. Whether your oasis is up north or down south, day or night, hot or cold, lake or pool (or river!), one thing we know for certain: Minnesota is the place to be.

Our summers in Minnesota are always far too short and the winters are far too long. Instead of complaining about the humidity – grab a friend, get out of the air conditioning, and enjoy the few months of non-snowy bliss that we have. Winter Storm Warnings are just around the corner! :)

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All Star MLB Game

The All Star MLB Game is coming to Target Field!

The game is returning to the Twin Cities for the first time in almost 30 years. The previous time that it was held in Minnesota was in 1985 at the Metrodome.  Since the last time it has been in the metro the All Star MLB Game has become more than just a game. There are events from the T-mobile FanFest to the MLB All-Star Summer Pepsi Block Party. FanFest gives the fans to experience all things baseball, with a whooping 2.4 million visitors in 24 years fanfest is definitely known as the worlds largest interactive baseball theme park. Also The Color Run MLB All Star 5k Presented by Nike on Sunday the 13th and the All Star Game Red Carpet Show presented by Chevy on tuesday the 15th. But before all of that a do not miss Concert sponsored by Target at TCF bank Stadium in the evening of the 12th. After all the pre-game events, the 85th MLB All-Star Game at Target Field starts at 6:30 PM Tuesday July 15th!


All Star Game of 2014 Fun Facts!

  • Robinson Cano’s agent is rapper Jay-Z and he signed with Seattle in the offseason, during this time G.M Jack Zduriencik states, ” I told him I was J.Z before he was Jay-Z.” 
  • Derek Jeter, was not nominated for any Academy Awards for his role as himself in the film ‘The Other Guys’.
  • The Blue Jays own Jose Bautista didn’t hit a home run until early in the third season of his big league career. 
  • Miguel Cabrera hit his 300th career home run off Phillip Humber, one of the only 23 pitchers to throw a perfect game in Major Leagues. 
  • Josh Donaldson was born the same day as Dwight Howard an NBA star. 
  • Mike Trout is the only second MLB player to have a Nike shoe names after him. The ‘Lunar Vapor Trout’ came out last month. 

Before you head for the Ball Game Make sure to get your gear at Love From Companies.

Love From Companies has all your new officially licensed MLB All-Star Game gear! Merchandise varies from items such as, adult tees, hoodies, game balls, key chains and bottle openers. This is a once in a lifetime event so don’t miss out on this MLB All Star memorabilia! They are conveniently placed online for your shopping ease (link below). You can also head to the nearest Love From Companies retail store to skip the wait and check out the other great merchandise we have to offer.



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Taste Of Chicago

The Taste Of Chicago Apparel is finally here! 

We are happy to announce that Love From Chicago is selling tees and hats online now! They come in different colors and designs so that you can find the one that fits you best. Don’t miss out on a chance to bring home a little Taste of Chicago with you.

Get your Spot on “Chicago’s Front Yard”!

During the Taste of Chicago will have several unique restaurants for your craving satisfaction. They will have 36 different selections, and 17 food trucks loaded down with all your favorite or soon to be favorite concoctions. The menu items consist of everything from Irish Egg Rolls, Vegan Burgers, to Smoked Alligator sausage. If those few items don’t spark your taste buds then be sure to check out the website for a full list of restaurants to look forward to. Don’t get too stuffed or do, because while enjoying a feast with your friends you’ll also be able to boogie to some good tunes.


Live Music will be at the Festival!

Everyday at the Taste of Chicago Live music will be performed. From Rockers like Awolnation on Wednesday the 9th of July to the soul singer Aloe Blacc on Sunday the 13th. All of this excitement will be happening at the Petrillo Music Shell. Not only are the headline bands great but Bud Light Stage will be having different genres play each day from noon to seven pm. Make sure to arrive early for a spot on the grass allows for Free admission to the noise. If you prefer pavilion seats you can order tickets online, before doing so, make sure you know what day the artist is playing that you’d like to see.



Taste of Chicago is a must not miss event! Don’t go just yet, before you head out into the action make sure you purchase some new Taste of Chicago gear!

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Roseville Parade

Come join the fun at the Roseville parade on Monday June 30th at 6:15 PM!


Love From Candy Companies The 2014 Roseville Parade is presented by Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. This year we are proud to say its the 24th Annual Rose Parade hosting 90 parade units that will be putting on a show for the Roseville community. Rose Parade is a tradition that rounds up tons of spectators and makes way for business’s and customers to come together. In the parade there will be a wide variety of floats consisting of clowns, sports, and marching bands for all to enjoy from their curbside seating!


The parade kicks off at 6:15 pm so be sure to get there early and claim your favorite spot. While enjoying the summer weather, our sponsors will be showing off their Roseville Pride. A few of our sponsors this year are River City Rhythm, Chuck and Dons, Roseville’s very own lions and many more! For all you music lovers we will have 10 marching bands from our surrounding communities. Get grooving with Sansei Yonsei Kai Japanese Dance Group and Roseville’s very own Just for Kix! If that doesn’t give you enough energy then Shape me Group Fitness and Snap Fitness will help get those endorphins pumping. To feed your hunger and cool you from the heat Culvers Little Canada and Granite City Grill will be there.


Get in the action and Volunteer

Love From Rose Parade Not only can you attend the parade with your family you can also be a part of the action and Volunteer to help make the parade happen! It is a great way to get involved with your community, meet new local friends, and pride yourself in your community. Another way to get involved in the action is to be a sponsor of RoseFest or Join in with your company and add on to our enjoyable parade. All you have to do is go to rosefestparade.org to find out more information.


Whatever you decide to do, either pull up a curbside spot with the family and watch the action happen or be in the action and Volunteer in the parade. It will be a great summer day to be a part of the Roseville community and get to know a little more about what Roseville has to offer.

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Roseville Medallion Clue Location

Rosefest medallion hunt - roseville, mn


Rosefest 2014 is Here!

Rosefest kick-off is a summer must and it takes off on June 26th. You will not want to miss out on the fun happening at Taste of Rosefest, the Wellness Fair, but most of all the Medallion Hunt!


The Annual Golden Rose Medallion Hunt

roseville medallion hunt clue - rosefest 2014 - roseville, mn The annual Golden Rose Medallion Hunt is proudly put on by Genisys Credit union. To participate in the hunt all you have to do is get your thinking caps on, solve daily riddles and receive clues to make your way to the gold. You don’t have to be an early bird to participate, the clues will be released at 10 am daily by sponsors, and for you social media lovers they will be released at noon on the Medallion Hunt Twitter feed. Not only can you use social media for reading clues but don’t miss out on the added side contests through the Twitter page. These side contests use your brain in a new way by challenging your creative side, all tweets will be entered into a special prize drawing! While taking the extra step above your competitor by using Twitter to your benefit also keep in mind that the prize doubles if you find the medallion and you also get your button before noon on Friday, June 27th. While you’re hunting save time by opting out of the Cederholm Golf Course and the Harriet Alexander Nature Center for these are two places your treasure will not be hidden! Not only does Genysis Credit Union present you with this awesome opportunity but they also hold a clue, if you use the clue to find the basket you will receive a $50 gift card as an addition to your other prize!


Medallion Hunt Sponsors and Clue Locations

Now that you know the perks there’s a few more things to remember. Most importantly your sponsors! Remember that the first clue will be released on 6/26 at the Frank Rog Amphitheater prior to the MN Sinfonia Orchestra event at 7:25pm!  If you want your clues as early as possible, clues 2-5 will be released at sponsor locations at 10:00am daily, from 6/27-6/30.

Sponsor List (clue locations):
Love From Minnesota
Great Southern Bank
Lunds & Byerly’s
Johnston Martineau Law
Pawn America — Roseville
Huntington Learning Center
Residence Inn – Mariott
Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

Good luck on finding the medallion and most of all — HAVE FUN at this amazing event!


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Roseville park & Recreation + Patties Ice cream


Patties Ice Cream by Love From Companies

Roseville Park and Recreation are teaming up with Patties Ice cream to bring the kids some summertime fun!


Summer Activities For Roseville Kids

Parents — have you been searching for some fun summer activities that’ll keep the kids brains and bodies healthy and active?  Well, look no further. The hot summer sun combined with ice cream and fun is what they have been waiting for. That is why Roseville Park and Rec and Pattie’s Ice Cream are bringing families a ton of wild activities anywhere from Bugs & Buds to watching the movie “Frozen”. Beginning June 25th “Discover your parks” is a get together for neighbors and families to meet up, talk to recreation staff, and enjoy refreshments. Best of all, the kids will get to get their smiles out while jumping in the bounce castle and release those giggles during our fantastic puppet show! Not only do they get to enjoy the events they may have already enjoyed once or twice, but they also get to experience the new additions that have been created to provide extra adventures.


It’s Rosefest Time!


Love From Companies - Patties Ice Cream in Rose Fest Parade After discovering the adventures in the park, Rosefest is a summer must, with events such as The Golden Rose Medallion Hunt and the one and only Roseville parade that is always a hit. The fun continues from the 27th of June all the way to the 30th of June. After the parade on June 30th, the carnival begins! The Friday on the Fouth of July is filled with countless carnival activities and all sorts of inflatable fun! Between all of the activities don’t forget to check out the Frank Rog Amphitheater in Central park. Throughout the day the amphitheater will have entertainment from bands to The Splatter Sisters! To round up a perfect summer day gather the family onto a nice spot of the grass to get the best view of the firework show. To add to this perfect summer week, Roseville Park and Recreation center go out of their way to give away Button Prizes. To participate in the button prizes all you have to do is purchase your button, and register it for a chance to win. There are many super cool prizes to be taken home, anything from a HDTV Set to a Dunn Bros gift card.


All in all, The summer has officially been kicked off, thanks to Roseville Park and Recreation and Patties Ice Cream! Because What kid doesn’t love ice cream, laughter, and fun at the park!

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Father’s Day Ice Cream Social

Patties Ice Cream brought to you by Love From Companies

A Tribute to the Late Owner of Love From Companies and Patti’s Ice Cream

Love From Minnesota What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a little Ice Cream. The daughters of Steve Chinander, former owner of Love From Companies and Patti’s Ice Cream have decided to put on a FREE Father’s Day Ice Cream social for the families of Roseville, MN. Even when a father passes away, Father’s Day still remains a very special day for those who were impacted by that Father. Steve passed away suddenly last August, and since this will be his daughters first Father’s Day without him, they wanted to honor his memory by donating ice cream to the event.


Family Fun! Father’s Day Outing & Ice Cream Social

Enjoy live music provided by the Big Fun Show, FREE ice cream and great company. To learn more about the Central Park – Frank Rog Amphitheatre click here!


Date: Sunday June 15th, 2014

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: Central Park – Frank Rog Amphitheatre
                2540 Lexington Ave. N.
                Roseville, MN 55113


Father’s Day Fun Facts!

Father’s Day seems like a day of recognition that has been around since the beginning of time. But, that isn’t actually the case. Father’s Day was first recognized as a holiday on July 19, 1910, by the governor of the U.S. state of Washington. However, it was not until 1972, in the middle of a hard-fought presidential re-election campaign, Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a federal holiday at last.


Today, economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts. If you are looking for some fun gift ideas for your special Dad, checkout:




to surprise him with a gift he isn’t expecting!


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Chicago Blues Festival – Artwork Revealing!

Chicago Blues Festival Apparel

The Chicago Blues Festival Apparel Is Here!

Love From Chicago has brand new Chicago Blues Festival Apparel!  We have Chicago Blues Festival hoodies, t-shirts, and hats that can be ordered right through our online store.  We

 have multiple color options available for the majority of the apparel items.  Show your blues spirit and make the Chicago Blues Festival a memory by getting yourself or a loved one something that will last for years to come!

Chicago and the Blues: A Rich History

There’s a reason blues musicians sing about “Sweet Home Chicago.” Chicago has historically been a beacon to musicians looking for bigger crowds and more places to play. Following the “Great Migration,” blues musicians from the South made Chicago one of the biggest spots in the country for blues music.


chicago blues festival apparel - love from chicago What is the Chicago Blues Festival All About?

The annual Chicago Blues Festival is the city’s largest music festival. More than a half-million people flock to Chicago’s “front yard” for free outdoor concerts in the park. Here is another perk:  admission to the park is FREE. The festival initially began in honor of Muddy Waters, and with lineups that have included such greats as Bonnie Raitt, Ray Charles, B.B. King, the late Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy and the late Koko Taylor, each year it celebrates the genre’s rich heritage and forthcoming talents.

The city’s first Blues festival helped open the summer festival season and came a year after the death of blues icon Muddy Waters. Thus the first festival celebrated Muddy’s memory and presented many artists who today are just a memory, such as Eddie Taylor, Estella Yancey and Jr. Wells.

Through the years the festival has celebrated many benchmarks: what would have been Robert Johnson or T-bone Walker turning 80 years old to the centennials of Big Bill Broonzy, Bessie Smith, Skip James and others.

Each benchmark places the blues in context especially when icons like Sunnyland Slim, Jimmy Walker, and Willie Dixon were around to help keep the blues alive.


chicago blues festival apparel at love from chicago This Year at the Chicago Blues Festival

This year, the festival’s theme is “Blues by the Lake.” The festival will be held over three days with four stages of music and three other performance areas in downtown Grant Park:

  • Petrillo Music Shell
  • Bud Light Crossroads Stage
  • The Jackson Rhythm and Blues Stage
  • Pepsi Front Porch Stage
  • Southwest Airlines Blues Lounge
  • Meet Me in Memphis Blues Pavilion
  • Windy City Blues Society Tent

This year’s performers include Carolina Chocolate Drops, Otis Taylor Band, Theo Huff, and Willie Clayton among many other soulful performers.


Before you head out to the festival, be sure to go online and purchase your Chicago Blues Festival apparel at the Love From Chicago online store!
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Patti’s Ice Cream and Memorial Day: A Perfect Match

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us again!  Oh how time flies!  Memorial Day weekend really feels like the beginning of summer, the Minnesota weather is a sure bet to be warm — or at least mild:) — school is winding down for the kids, and all of a sudden people become willing to make time to enjoy the simple things.  What better way to enjoy your time with friends and family than over a sweet and refreshing ice cream cone?  We are looking forward to seeing all sorts of people giving in to summer-fever this weekend at Patti’s Ice Cream!


patti's ice cream

Patti’s Ice Cream – A Perfect Treat

Patti’s Ice Cream is the perfect place to stop in for a delicious summer treat!  With 39 different flavors to choose from, you will never have to try the same flavor twice (unless you come in 40 times without us adding a new flavor!).  From rich Blueberry Cheesecake to our refreshing Rainbow Sherbet, we have everyone’s favorite flavor covered.  Our old fashioned sweets shop will surely take you back to memories from long ago.  Stop in this Memorial Day Weekend to slow down and enjoy the sweeter things in life.


What People Are Saying About Patti’s Ice Cream

Here is are a couple recent reviews of Patti’s Ice Cream from Yelp:

Very cool ice cream and candy shop!  And not at all as expensive as I thought it might have been.  Went with 4 of my children and 2 of my granddaughter.  The youngest granddaughter took one lick of her ice cream cone and promptly knocked the scoop of ice cream onto the floor.  They were so sweet and replaced it with no problem at all.  The kids had a fabulous time and the adults enjoyed looking at all of the candy varieties.  We will be back!  — Dawn T, St Paul, MN

This is a fun little ice cream shop with a dozen flavors you’ve never heard of. Every time I go, the staff gamely describe five different flavors for me, and everyone else who walks in. The person behind the counter last time I was there was an incredibly good sport. The store itself is fun to visit because of all the vintage magazine ads on the walls, and candy that was already old-fashioned even when I was a kid. 

This place lends a bit of character to a corner of Roseville that is overrun with chain stores. Don’t wait too long after dinner, though, because it closes early (around 8, if I remember correctly).  — Patti K, St Paul, MN


Stop In To Patti’s This Memorial Day Weekend

We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at Patti’s Ice Cream this weekend enjoying the weather, enjoying some sweet treats, and celebrating those who have given their lives in order to allow us to live with the freedoms we often take for granted.  See you all soon!


Patti’s Ice Cream & Sweet Shoppe
(651) 697-7007
2465 Fairview Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113


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