Gummy Sushi Tray

Gummy Sushi Tray

It’s sushi candy! This unique, fun and great tasting set is sure to please everyone. Share with family and friends or give as a unique, one of a kind gift.

This colorful set creatively combines gummy, marshmallow, and licorice to form classic sushi staples. This delicious platter has no fish flavoring, so it’s accessible to any candy-craving palate. includes: 4 Nigiri (orange gummy atop orange marshmallow), 4 Candy California Rolls (marshmallow wrapped in a sour gummy belt), 4 Candy Maki (sour licorice bites wrapped in a gummy belt), 4 Candy Ikura (candy-coated gummy), 3 Candy Uramaki (two sour gummy rings with a gummy bear in center), 2 Candy Koikuchi (licorice)


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