Dip Stix Roasted Red Pepper

Dip Stix Roasted Red Pepper

DIPSTIX are packets of dehydrated veggies, herbs, and my own custom blend of spices that are designed for making chip and vegetable dips. But with a little imagination, you can expand, to butter, dressings, toppings…check our recipe page, you’d be surprised what you can do! The key to making DIPSTIX is the mixing.


Now listen up, it’s difficult.

1. Take any of the following packets and mix it with one cup mayo and one cup sourcream. Yes, you can use lowfat!! Yogurt works too!!

2. Now, wait about 20 minutes before serving. This is not necessary, but it gives the spices a chance to set in.

3. Enjoy!!

Yea, that’s it. (for Salsa, just mix in one 14oz can of diced tomatoes)


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