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Maple Syrup Jug 3.4oz

The Native Americans call it "sinzibukwud" and taught the first settlers how to tap maple trees i..

4oz Paul & Babe Blueberry Jam

4oz Paul & Babe Blueberry Jam ..

Maple Syrup Jug 8oz

The Native Americans call it "sinzibukwud" and taught the first settlers how to tap maple trees i..

Rhubarb Raspberry 15.5oz Jam

This Rhubarb-Raspberry Jam comes in a 15.5 oz. jar and is full of the good fruits of Minnesota an..

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 5oz

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam in 5 oz reuseable shaker jar. ..

Wild Blueberry Honey 12oz

12 oz Wild Blueberry Honey in a Honey Bear Bottle. Sweet and Delicious, a must for Blueberry love..

Natural MN Honey 12oz

Minnesota Natural Honey in friendly Honey Bear Bottle is 12 oz. of enjoyment to your taste buds. ..

Peach Butter 9.5oz

Doesn't your taste buds come alive with the idea of Peach Butter for your breakfast bread of choi..

Apple Pie Jam 10.5oz

"Apple Pie Jam, you can almost taste it just from the name! It comes in a 10.5 oz jar and needs t..

Minnesotalgia Chokecherry Jelly 3oz

Of all of Minnestalgia's jellies, this one brings back more memories of a northwoods childhood th..

Pumpkin Butter 10.5oz

Not just for fall, Pumpkin Butter is to be enjoyed on your food all year long. Comes in a 10.5 oz..

Orange Marmalade 15.5oz

Toast, Bagel, Muffin, or whatever, you must have the staple of Orange Marmalade to add to anythin..

Minnestalgia Hawthorn Jelly 12oz

Hawthorns are also known as Thorn Apples because of their 2" long thorns, were once grown as hedg..

Minnestalgia Maple Syrup

Minnesota produces some of the richest flavored Maple Syrup in the nation. Second to none, you wi..

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

The perfect blend of ripe red raspberries and jalapeno heat makes this jam really, really good. K..

Minnestalgia Blueberry Syrup

Blueberries are perhaps the most widely recognized berry and a favorite of everyone in the upper ..

Wild Chokecherry Honey 12oz

Place Minnesota Made Wild Chokecherry Honey on your table and you will find a lot of uses for it...

Minnestalgia Chokecherry Syrup

Of all of Minnesalgia's syrups other than Maple, this one brings back more memories of a northwoo..

Wild Chokecherry Jam 8oz

Wild Chokecherry jelly in 8 oz jar. ..

Paul & Babe Cherry Honey

Paul & Babe Cherry Honey ..
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