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Uffda Chips

Cinnamon Sugar, Potato Chips! Uffda, these taste great! Ole, Have you tried these?..

Sourdough Beer Bread Mix

Sourdough Pancake mix is an original and easy recipe. Stir together 1 bottle of Beer Bread and 1 ..

OMG! Brownie Mix

OMG is the best way to describe this amazing brownie! This brownie comes with white chocolate, pe..

Ole & Lena Jalapeno Bark

Ole & Lena's delicious jalapeno bark - get your fire extinguisher ready! ..

Ole & Lena Habanero Sauce

Perfect for the habanero hot sauce lover! ..

Gift Box Caramels - Love from Chicago

A great little gift box with 7 homemade-style caramels.  These caramels are rich in flavor and ..

Sunshine Seeds

Sunshine Seeds or Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds. ..

Million Dollar Brownie Mix

Another top seller!! This amazing chocolate brownie mix comes with white chocolate, peanut butter..

Cinnamon Apple Quick Bread Mix

Try this quick bread that tastes exactly like apple pie! Every family member is going to enjoy th..

Abdallah Chocolate Nut Clusters

Delicious milk & dark chocolate covering assorted nuts. ..

Abdallah Chocolate Caramel Bar

Creamy caramel covered in milk chocolate. ..

Perennial Garden 10 oz Honey

This eye-catching bottle was released for the 2000 season, and contains honey from the perennial ..

Raspberry Pretzels

6.2 oz of Red Raspberry Pretzels in a clear bag with pink bow, makes a great gift. ..

Cow White & Dark Chocolate Pretzels

Get your favorite chocolate pretzels! ..

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds, coated in brightly colored candy! Not only delicious, but colo..

Abdallah Chocolate Mint Bar

Delicious, smooth Abdallah chocolate with a mint center will make your mouth melt.  ..

Gift Basket - Classic MN Favorites

Classic Abdallah favorites (made right here in Minnesota) set atop a locally made cutting board. Enj..

City Tins "Twin Cities" (Minneapolis & St. Paul) Edition

The Mini Apple and Saintly City are ripe with neighborhood eats for every palate and budget. Whe..

Minnesota Chocolate Cow Bar

Minnesota Chocolate Cow Bar 4.5 oz Dark & White Chocolate Bar ..

"Sweet Sauce" by Pork & Mindy's

“Created by Pork & Mindy’s Executive Chef and Food Network Star Jeff Mauro.”  PORK & M..
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