How to Style the Vintage Mom Aesthetic

How to Style the Vintage Mom Aesthetic

There are many things that we can thank our moms for. We can thank them for their unconditional love, support, and the gift of life. However, the most important piece that we should be thanking them for is their iconic sense of style and fashion. You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t stolen a few vintage pieces from their mom’s closet. Some of us reach for the 80’s style neon windbreaks while others reach for the grey pull overs and the faded jeans. Though the mom look is relatively timeless, in the past few years there has been a resurgence of the mom/90s style. So, pull out your white sneakers and mom jeans and hop right onto the Vintage Mom Aesthetic train.  


Want to learn how to rock this cool, comfy, effortless look? First, go ask your mom for some tips she probably has a lot of fun ideas to make your outfits pop. Second, check out this style guide to perfectly revive and implement this cool, retro look.  


Moms got it right! Mom jeans are an absolute staple in any wardrobe; they are essential to replicate the Vintage Mom Aesthetic! Nothing says effortlessly cool like faded and moderately distressed jeans. In addition to just a classic faded mom jean, try spicing it up by adding some acid wash or heathered jeans to your wardrobe.  


Faded, heathered, and acid wash textures don’t just work on jeans, they are also fun on other articles of clothing such as tees and sweatshirts. These textures will give your outfits a little bit of a grunge vibe, while paying homage to your mom’s go-to outfit and aesthetic. While adding pieces to amplify your vintage mom vibes, you must remember a zip up sweatshirt. An oversized zip-up is the quintessential item for comfort, functionality, and style. Throw it on over your distressed tee or tie it around your waist and jet off to your next destination.   


To really make the look feel like it came straight out of your mom’s closet, you need to accessorize. Wearing layered necklaces adds pizzazz and interest to a relatively simple look. Tie off the look with a chunky white sneaker and you’re set!    


Imagine looking back at photos of mom in her prime. She looks effortless, cool, and fun while rocking her favorite pair of high-rise jeans and acid wash sweater. Emulate her look with a piece from the Retro Revival collection. By wearing these curated pieces, we hope to transport you back to the late eighties and early nineties with our modern take on this classic aesthetic.  


Shop our take on this retro revival! Take a photo of your OOTD on a film camera or old school and share it with us on social.   

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