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Orlando Travel Guide - Attractions and Things to Do

Hey Vacationers. 

Where are you off to for your trip? Our favorite spot is Florida. There is so much to do, see, and experience. We put together a shortlist of a few favorites that you should be sure to check out while you are there. 

No matter what part of Florida you visit, there will be something for everyone. Let’s explore central Florida, Orlando to be exact. We are partial to this city, as we have a few stores at the MCO airport. Orlando is brimming with things to do, whether you are spending your days at a theme park like Disney or Universal, or exploring amazing food, there really are numerous adventures around every corner. 

When we aren’t at Disney, we love to spend the day going to restaurants and finding things to do outside. The Leu Gardens are a favorite spot for walking through a vast collection of plant life from around the world. The Leu Gardens feature many different types of gardens and collections of flowers, there is even a butterfly garden that is so fun to walk through and let them float all around you. The gardens are a must do destination when you aren’t spending a day in the theme parks. 

If you are looking to be outdoors but have a bit more excitement in your day, you can always check out Gatorland – a great way for the thrill seeker to spend their day ziplining and checking out all the Gators. Don’t worry if you can’t make it and want to see Gators though, just take a peek into any of the small bodies of water around Orlando, you will be sure to see some eyes and big teeth waiting for you under the surface of the water. Orlando and the surrounding area are chock full of amazing wildlife that you can’t miss. 

Your next destination is food. What vacation is complete without an amazing brunch experience? We love to head over to Se7venBites for a wonderous selection of southern comfort food. This place is worth the wait, and the people here are amazing and welcoming. You will feel right at home. 

Orlando also has amazing breweries and food halls that you should check out. Our current favorite is Gatlin Hall Brewing – the chicken sandwiches here are made super fresh and taste exquisite. This is a great place to stop and have a nice cold beer and escape the heat. 

Of course, if you are looking to the stars for inspiration, there is always the Kennedy Space Center. Get close to historic spacecraft and even witness rocket launches, if you are here on the right day. 

Overall, Orlando is a great place to visit and spend your time. Even if you aren’t spending the day at the House of Mouse, there are so many other things to do and see. 

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