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Pearson's Sea Salt And Caramel Nut Goodie

The new Sea Salt Caramel Nut Goodie – made with real milk chocolate, Virginia peanuts, sea salt a..

Minnesota Greetings Mints

Greetings Mints - Peppermint Flavored ..

Dream Catcher Cut foot 12"

Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. The traditional dr..

Wild Rice 8oz.

Pure Grade A Cultivated Minnesota Wild Rice is a medium brown color, has a rich nut-like roasted ..

Chocolate Moose Poop

4 oz green bag of Chocolate Covered Panned Peanuts is our version of Minnesota Moose Poop! ..

Did You Know? Minnesota Postcard

A bunch of fun Minnesota facts on one postcard! ..

Wild Rice Vegtable Soup Mix

Grade C wild rice combined with seven colorful vegetables (onions, mushrooms, carrots, red and gr..

Maple Syrup Jug 3.4oz

The Native Americans call it "sinzibukwud" and taught the first settlers how to tap maple trees i..

Birch Logs 4 Pack

The original Minnesota Birch Bark pretzels rods are a wonderful Minnesota tradition. Dipped in wh..

Cream of Wild Rice Soup Mix

Christmas Point wild rice soups are made with the finest ingredients, including Minnesota's hand-..

Chocolate Bear Poop

4 oz brown bag of the best Chocolate covered pralined peanuts is what Bear Poop is in Minnesota. ..

Minnesota Passport

Minnesota Passport ..

UffDa Minnesota Mints

UffDa Minnesota Mints ..

Chili Homestead Soup Mix

This Award winning South of the Border Chili Mix (Canadian Border) is from Northern Minnesota and..

I Heart MN Jazz Pen

I Heart MN Jazz Pen ..

Greetings From Minnesota Postcard

Greetings From Minnesota Postcard - perfect gift or souvenir from your travels! ..

Up North Minnesota Dimple Pen

Up North Minnesota Dimple Pen ..

Pearson's Salted Nut Roll

Pearson's Salted Nut Roll made in Minnesota, enjoyed around the world. Great for gift baskets! ..

Pearson's Nut Goodie Bar - Box of 24

Nothing says love like a Pearson Nut Goodie Bar! Made in Minnesota enjoyed around the world. Grea..

MN State Shape Magnet

Colorful Minnesota State Magnet ..
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